Three easy tips to ward off Pests


Pest control is imperative for a clean & healthy premise; however, many people still take an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach regarding pests. There are many varieties of pests such as residential, commercial premise-related common pests like rats, mosquitoes etc. and, agricultural & horticultural pests and insects. Well, keeping on top of the nuisance, creating pests means being proactive and vigilant.

And as you read along here is a list of 3 easy tips to help you ward off pests, mites, bugs and rodents before they settle at your place.

Put up the barriers and guard your premises

A well-sealed premise is an essential step for keeping pests at bay, for example, you can seal up any crevices, cracks or holes in or around doors and windows. You can use fly screens, check pipes & plumbing for leaks, because termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes flies etc. attracted to moisture.

Keep your premises clean & clear round the year

A clean and clutter-free premise is important if you don’t want to welcome an unwanted guest that is actually a pest. Prevent pests like rats, spiders, cockroaches, flies etc. making a place in dirty nooks, by keeping it clean. You must ensure that your kitchen remains clean every time after the usage.

Identify pest prone areas and get rid of pests.

You can deprive various pests for food by ensuring cupboards are sealed, and the food is always packed in the right way. Moreover, declutter cupboards in the storeroom, storage furniture, old piles of paper or book racks and cardboard are prone to attract pests. Once you identify the pest prone areas in your premise, you can schedule a regular pest control near you to enjoy healthy surroundings.